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Local moms get lesson in firearms courtesy of local Realtor

Last Friday, a group of local moms from Thompson’s Station Church spent their evening learning firearm self-defense techniques.

Local Realtor Cynthia M. Beard, managing broker of RE/MAX Fine Homes in Spring Hill, sponsored the new event, “Bullets and BBQ” at Agape Tactical.

According to a news release, “Bullets and BBQ” introduced beginners to shooting fundamentals such as firearm safety and shooting mechanics in a fun, relaxed and encouraging atmosphere – all in an effort to help the women reduce their odds of becoming victims.

“The most important thing we want participants to come away with in events like this is confidence,” said Dawn Bradley, instructor for Agape Tactical. “Confidence looks different for everyone. Instruction in handling a firearm is part of the equation. The confidence that comes from going through a training process such as this is truly invaluable.

“The skills we teach are practical for anyone. I commend these moms for having the courage to step outside of their comfort zone by participating in this event tonight.”

Beard was approached about sponsoring the “Bullets and BBQ” event to help offset the cost of training for the moms, many of whom work full or part time and have limited household budgets.

“This is a way for me to show support for women,” Beard said. “As mothers, these ladies have a huge responsibility not only for their own protection, but for the protection of their little ones. If I can help to make it possible for them to gain real life survival skills with instruction from an incredible resource like Dawn, I’m all in.

“My message to these ladies tonight is that they should never back down from any challenge in life. There is a place for strong women. Taking the time to learn about subjects that are not familiar to you is the best way to have confidence in anything in life. When you have knowledge, no one can shake your confidence and that is invaluable in meeting any challenge.”

According to Melissa Webb, of Calia Webb Communications, Bullets and BBQ was just a one-time event and for the moment there are no plans to continue it. However, she added the “Moms of Preschoolers” group is open to moms with preschool-age kids and they take new members every fall.