About Us

Our founder

Ken Alexandrow, founder of AGAPE Tactical, spent twenty-six years serving the citizens of middle Tennessee as a career police officer. He graduated from the University of Tennessee in Knoxville in 1991, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science.  He then began his law enforcement career.  After being a patrol officer, he was appointed to the Metro Nashville Police Academy as a confrontation management and firearms instructor.  Next, he was selected to serve on the FBI Violent Crimes Task Force.  He concluded his career as a Field Training Officer where he had the opportunity to supervise and train new police officers on how to apply their academy knowledge to real life situations on the street.

Since 1998, Ken has taught active shooter response, personal protection, handgun carry permit, and advanced handgun, rifle and shotgun classes to private citizens. He specializes in helping schools, businesses and religious organizations develop plans for providing a safe learning, working and worshiping environment for their employees, members and guests. He has trained numerous church safety/security teams around the country. Ken lives in Franklin, Tennessee, with his wife and two children.

Our Instructors

AGAPE Tactical Instructors have over 200 years of local, state, federal law enforcement, or military service combined. Instructors bring their experience to students and churches they serve. They teach and train for real life application to tactical situations. AGAPE Tactical instructors speak from experience and with authority.

“Training and consulting from Ken Alexandrow is thorough, direct and fun. Every time I read an article about training for church safety, I feel like they wrote the article watching our team train. We often have law enforcement professionals who observe our trainings remark that our training is as good if not better than most law enforcement branches. Ken continually learns and brings his latest techniques and life-lessons to us. He keeps us cognizant of the present threat of violent crimes, but he teaches in a light and fun-loving manner.

He’s always smiling and especially when he tazes me.”

Pastor Duane Murray
Executive Pastor
Thompson Station Church