Here’s what our customers are saying about us!

Expectations were blown out of the water!

I’ve lived in Nashville for a little over 4 years now and just this past Friday I decided to attend the 6pm-midnight course they offer. I have not had a conceal carry permit before and am still new to the consumer gun world, although I did compete in NRA Free/Air Pistol back in College. Ken, Shellie, and the rest of their team absolutely made this class. Everyone was greeted with such warmth and comfort that you’d never guess the subject for the next 4-5 hours would be all about guns and gun laws. Ken and Shellie have such in depth backgrounds in multiple fields and are open encyclopedias begging for questions to be asked. I left the class with every question and concern answered and felt so much more comfortable about the laws and my rights as a conceal carry permit holder. I will absolutely recommend this course to everyone I know and anyone who is interested in protecting themselves and their family.

Eric Dates


I have been around firearms all my life and I thought I knew how to shoot. Until I took Tactical 1 from Ken and his team. I was taught things that changed my whole perspective on how to shoot a handgun. The things that they teach are simple and easy to use. Ken and his team are great as well, very knowledgeable and very hands on with everyone that is in the class. If you want to learn more about how to shoot and defend yourself then AGAPE is the way to go. Ready for Tactical 2!!

Ross Wiggins

Thank You!

I just want to thank you for all you do – especially for women. Last night Dawn presented the first Warrior Women Project graduates with our t-shirts. What an honor! It made me realize how blessed I am to have found Agape Tactical and such a wonderful instructor as Dawn. Several years ago I didn’t know such training even existed. Now I feel strong, confident and empowered. Those are attributes no one can ever take away.

Thanks again for sharing your knowledge. Your passion for teaching is evident and invaluable.

God Bless!!

Lisa McManus

Basic Pistol

I took the Basic Pistol with Dawn last night. I’m familiar with guns and have my carry permit. Dawn’s class was amazing. Her knowledge and expertise in handling guns was very thorough. She was funny, engaging, and patient. I learned several new techniques in how to hold and fire my gun. Her assistant Brooks was equally amazing. I was extremely impressed with this class and will definitely be taking more.

Lara Moses Whitaker

Great course and even better instructors

I just finished the tactical pistol course 1 and am taking the next tactical pistol course in a couple weeks. Absolutely loved this class. Excellent hands on training and instructors take a personal interest in each shooter. Great environment, great people, great training. What more could you ask for?! Seriously. Everyone start taking these classes. Can’t wait for the next one!

Jordan Russell

Permit Class

Even as only the 2nd time in my life to hold a gun, this class was such a great experience for me! All the teachers were so patient, kind, and professional–even with the goofy sound effects. Ken has such a passion for preparedness and safety–it’s infectious. The real life examples of weapon readiness and gun laws made the class enjoyable and fast! So blessed to start my weapon training on the foundation of a warrior mindset. I can’t afford not to win! Hope to come back for some tactical classes!

Cara Anderson

Great Course

I took the carry permit class a couple weeks ago under Ken. I was impressed with Ken. His delivery of content was easy to understand. I think everyone who wants a carry permit needs to take it at agape Tactical.

Richard E. Jones

I highly recommend Agape Tactical, LLC

I highly recommend this company for your firearms training. The instructors were highly competent and patient with me, as I am extremely hard of hearing. They figured out how to communicate their instructions to me during the hands on shooting portion with practice and qualification when I had my hearing aids out and ear muff hearing protection on. Thank you again for your patience and great training.

Carolyn Cavanaugh

More than a permit class

Fun, professional and informative. I would recommend the carry permit class to anyone, skilled and unskilled. I guarantee you will learn and be blessed by the experience.

Matthew Crouse

A new found passion…

I have been meaning to email you about Kris Wallace. OMG! He is GREAT!! What a super nice guy, with lots of patience!! I have had 2 lessons with him, and then purchased a new weapon last Thursday.
People are always so quick to send emails or make phone calls when they have a problem or complaint, and I don’t think enough people take the time to send good things, like how great their experience was or how helpful someone was, so I try to make sure I do this as often as possible.  Kris is a great person to have on your team, you should be proud.  I think I am also going to sign up for another group class very soon.
Again, thank YOU for taking your time out to help me as well. Being new to the area and knowing no one, you were so kind to take time to talk to me and help me with my new found passion. Oh yeah, did I tell you I’m loving this shooting stuff?? 🙂

“I had a great experience. I was pleasantly surprised that the class was so much more than I had anticipated. I was inspired and challenged. Ken Alexandrow’s delivery of content was easy to understand. He provided real life stories , situations, and personal experience to help me understand and easily recall important information. I received personal instruction on the gun range. Ken remained after class had ended to answer my personal questions. My husband took the same class at another location with another instructor. He did not have the positive experience that I had. We are going to sign up for the next available intermediate class that Ken offers.”

From Intimidated to Confident

When I first came to Ken and Agape Tactical, I knew very little about handguns and was quite intimidated by them. I took the Carry Permit class and was impressed with Ken as an instructor and with the class as a whole. Then I took the Tactical 1 Handgun class. That … changed… everything! Ken’s firm but encouraging instruction calmed my nerves and allowed me to relax and learn. I am blown away at all he was able to teach me in 5 hours. I can now handle a gun with confidence, speed, and a reasonable degree of shooting accuracy. I will be taking more classes from Ken and I highly recommend Agape Tactical to everyone!

Thanks for the LEOSA Class!

I wanted to take a minute and express my appreciation for the LEOSA class you taught on Monday.  As a new resident in Tennessee, I was unsure of state and local statutes and their relation to the LEOSA and I now have a better understanding of what I can and can’t do in my new state of residence.
I also very much appreciate the dedication, time, and effort you put into conducting an informative class, and of equal or greater importance, a safe range.  As a former firearms instructor I know many people take for granted when everyone completes the training without incident, but that’s only due to the instructor(s) emphasizing, being vigilant for, and, if necessary, enforcing, SAFETY.  I don’t take it for granted:  thank you.
Kevin Hanff

Hand Gun Carry Permit

I had taken my handgun permit classe in Miami FL, a while ago, and recently moved to Nashville, TN.  I did not know that I would have to take my hand gun permit class again here.  I thought that I would be able to transfer the Florida permit to TN.  So, I started to look for courses and came across Agape Tactical.   I have to say Ken over the phone was very informative and told me he would help me get my permit situated here in TN with no problems at all.  I also want to say how impressed I am with Gary and his son; our instructors that were very informative and helpful in any way possible with the laws here in TN and also with questions at the range. Thank you Ken, Gary and Gary’s son for making this experience an awesome one. I’ll be recommending your class to anyone wanting to get their permit.

Jose Martinez

Handgun Carry Permit Class

What an amazing experience – life changing actually! I attended the Handgun Carry Permit Class and could not have been more impressed. As someone who is nervous around firearms, Ken made me feel more comfortable with firearm handling, safety and use. His approach to teaching is very empowering. Whether you are a novice or have experience with firearms, I highly recommend taking a class from AGAPE Tactical.

Brittany Wright

Thanks Mr.Warren Smith

Thank you for being there for me and believing in me when I didn’t believe in myself!I appreciate your time, help, kindness and jokes also!!  You are a wonderful Teacher and anybody who gets you as their Teacher will not have any regrets.  You are the BEST!  Thanks again!!!

Adzie Carter

Handgun Carry Permit Class

Very impressive instructions with extremely qualified instructors. I must highly recommend this class to anyone that has any interest in guns. Even if you are only mildly curious, if you take this class it will open up your eyes and possibly save your life one day!


Interesting and Fun!

I just completed your Carry Permit Class and must tell you, I was expecting a very long and boring day. I’ve been around guns all my life both in the military and through many hunting classes. I was oh so wrong! Bob, the former Secret Service Agent trainer made the day fly by. He presented all the necessary material but also created a lot of student interaction. I will bring my daughter and attend several more of your class offerings. Thank you very much!

Rick Henry

Great class

I’ve taken handgun permit classes in 3 states and this one is my new favorite. Great information and friendly environment. I’ll be recommending your class to anyone wanting to get their permit. Thanks Ken!

Patrick Topolinski

Fantastic Refresher

Things change over time. Having been a weapons instructor and operator years ago in the military, a lot has changed in techniques and best practices. Ken and his team do a fantastic job in training new and old-time firearms handlers. There are no shortcuts. Training is hands-on and practical. Understand the law, know your rights and don’t allow yourself to be unprepared. We as individuals, are ultimately responsible for our and our family’s well-being and safety. Proverbs 22:3 states that a prudent man sees danger and takes refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it.

Kevin Collaco

Do your son or daughter a favor, get them trained.

As a retired LEO, I was fairly confident of my pistol skills after almost 30 years of service and training. I wanted my adult son to also be able to have as good a training as I’ve been able to have so he would be confident in his abilities and to be able to make smart decisions if faced with a life or death situation. As a birthday present for him, I registered us both for the Tactical Pistol – 1 course. Knowing Ken for many years, his dedication, courtesy and professionalism, I knew my son would benefit from what he could offer. We were not disappointed. He learned a lot, I got a much needed refresher and we both had fun and were challenged in a safe environment. Thank you Ken !

Darrell Ryan