Is Your Surgical Center Safe?

You want to be safe. We can help.

Anticipating and avoiding potential conflicts on your premises is essential, and there are many verbal & non-verbal cues which can be identified by a trained eye as situations unfold.

Knowing you have trained staff that can react calmly and efficiently to any situation is an important factor in maintaining the security of your surgical center.

But how do you know you’re prepared and have the correct procedures in place?

We can help. Our expert instructors are the best in the industry and have over 250 years of combined operator experience in federal, state, and local law enforcement, as well as Navy SEALs, US Marine Corps, and SWAT.

We’ve created a FREE security vulnerability checklist for ambulatory surgical centers.

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The greatest security achievement is the crime that was never committed - for more information on how to prepare your church for a crisis event, contact the Agape team at or 615.438.9017
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