Active Shooter Response

When seconds count, police are minutes away.

Active killers have become almost commonplace in the US today. Churches, schools, restaurants, offices, and other business have come under assault from a variety of deadly threats. The standard response of “Run, Hide, Fight (or Tell)” has a problem: experience has taught us that hiding gets people killed.

The average response time for law enforcement around the country going Code 3, with lights and sirens, is 9-12 minutes. Most active shooter events are over in seconds. You must be able to defend yourself. There are alternatives.

AGAPE Tactical teaches your employees how to respond to an active killer in ways that increase survivability. Students will learn how to escape when possible or disrupt the plan of an attacker and fight to survive.

FA Icon Training 

Active Shooter Response Training - This 2-4 hour training program is taught at your office, school, or facility. Participants will be able to recognize the sound of gunfire (blank rounds) inside their facility and will learn skills to deal with an active shooter threat.  The skills include: how and where to run, how and with what to fight, and how and where to hide.

This is an interactive program where the participants will actually fight the active shooter.  The aggressor will be wearing a Red Man protective suit which will allow for the most realistic training available.  The program includes a Power Point presentation with question and answer period and an hour spent practicing the skills which have been discussed.   

FA Icon Class Maximum: 40





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