Tennessee Handgun Carry Permit Class

FA Icon Tennessee Handgun Carry Permit Class

Successful completion of this course will enable students to apply to legally carry a handgun in the State of Tennessee. This 8-hour class includes topics such as nomenclature, gun care and cleaning, home safety, proper selection of weapon and caliber, concealment, applicable state laws, and interaction with law enforcement.

In addition to the classroom portion, students will complete a firearms qualification course at the range. Students will shoot 100 rounds of ammunition with 50 rounds for practice and skill building and 50 for qualification. In order to be certified to carry a handgun, students are required to complete a written exam and a firearms qualification course with a minimum score of 70.
A rental package is available at an additional cost for students without access to appropriate gear which includes a .22 semi-automatic pistol, 100 rounds of ammo, and eye and ear protection.

FA Icon Minimum number of students: 5

FA Icon Cost: $100


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