Security Planning

AGAPE Tactical provides your organization with a comprehensive and actionable plan built on our three-phased approach to church security: Deter, Detect, and Deny. Our skilled operators are trained to identify a variety of security vulnerabilities and make recommendations to address problem areas. You prioritize those recommendations and we then train your staff, security team, and other volunteers according to your priorities and budget requirements.


Firearms Training

AGAPE Tactical provides superior firearms training to civilians and operators of all skill levels. Our instructors have real-life operator experience and teach with authority. We teach our students the same skills taught to law enforcement and military operators to give you the best chance of surviving a critical incident.


Active Shooter Response

AGAPE Tactical teaches your employees how to respond to an active killer in ways that increase survivability. Students will learn how to escape when possible or disrupt the plan of an attacker and fight to survive.


Warrior Women

The Warrior Woman Project exists to empower women by equipping them with the skills and the mindset necessary to defend themselves. AGAPE Tactical trains women in the art of self-protection, and to be confident and proficient shooters in a non-intimidating environment. Classes are for women only and have a woman as the lead instructor. Women of all experience levels will learn the skills necessary to be a Warrior Woman.


Personal Defense Training

AGAPE Tactical offers some unique training in personal defense and first aid. Our instructors are experts in their disciplines and teach fundamental, yet highly effective, skills that any person can employ. These skills can level the playing field in a conflict, rendering factors such as size, gender, and strength irrelevant. They can also help you save a life, including your own.


Realtor Training

Agape Tactical offers five classes accredited with the state of Tennessee which provide continuing education credits to realtors. These classes vary from 1 CE credit to 4 CE credits.


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