Tactical Pistol 1

FA Icon Tactical Pistol 1

This 8-hour class focuses on the Tactical Triad - Marksmanship, Manipulation, and Mindset.  Shooters will gain confidence on their handgun of choice and learn to manipulate their pistol using the techniques of the Magnificent Seven - stance, grip, presentation (draw stroke), sight alignment, sight picture, trigger press and follow-through. Other skills taught include reloading, malfunction clearing, and the beginning stages of movement. All of these skills are taught within the framework of real-world, tactical, applications.

Required materials include a strong-side holster, magazine pouch, three pistol magazines, and 500 rounds of ammunition. These classes are conducted at an outdoor range and are scheduled on Saturdays each month from March through December.

FA Icon Minimum number of students: 5

FA Icon Cost: $200


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