Church Security Training

The greatest security achievement is the crime that wasn’t committed

In 2012, the US experienced 135 deadly force incidents on faith-based properties as compared to 5 on school properties. Workplaces are under assault from disgruntled employees, domestic disputes, and other acts of terror. The threat of violence in the church and workplace is a very real and present danger, yet the vast majority of organizations have no or insufficient security measures in place.

AGAPE Tactical provides your organization with a comprehensive and actionable plan built on our three-phased approach to church security: Deter, Detect and Deny. Our skilled operators are trained to identify a variety of security vulnerabilities and make recommendations to address problem areas. You prioritize those recommendations and we then train your staff, security team, and other volunteers according to your priorities and budget requirements.

Contact AGAPE Tactical for a customized training program, pricing, and scheduling at info@agapetactical.com.

FA Icon Security Vulnerability Assessment - Documented

This service includes performing a comprehensive, on-site Security Vulnerability Assessment (SVA) of your property, procedures, and systems. The resulting written document and executive Powerpoint presentation will contain customized security recommendations for areas such as youth and children, church staff, security team, access control, safety, offering, grounds, and facilities. This procedure typically takes between 20-60 man hours, depending on the size of the facility.

FA Icon Security Vulnerability Assessment

This service includes performing a comprehensive, on-site Security Vulnerability Assessment (SVA) of your property, procedures, and systems. This will be followed by a same-day, oral presentation of the findings and customized security recommendations for areas such as children and youth, church staff, security team, access control, safety, offering, grounds, and facilities. Clients will receive a thumb drive which includes the presentation and all of the findings and recommendations. Clients are also allowed to video/audio tape the presentation for documentation purposes.

FA Icon Next Steps

This 4-hour training assists clients in organizing a security team and using the Deter, Detect and Deny strategy to develop a security plan. Skills taught include developing a multi-level security plan, threat identification and situational awareness, conflict resolution, and developing the Warrior Mindset as it applies to faith-based organizations. Security team members will begin to learn how to communicate and function as a team. They will learn to engage and address individuals in a variety of circumstances, such as domestic or child custody issues, disorderly subjects, acts of terrorism, etc. This class is a great recruiting tool and should be attended by executive staff, safety team and prospective team members, children's workers, greeters, ushers, parking lot volunteers, and all personnel participating in the safety of your organization. 

FA Icon Active Shooter Training

Active Shooter Response Training - This 2-hour training program is taught at your office, school, church, or other facility. Participants will be able to recognize the sound of gunfire (blank rounds) inside their facility and will learn skills to deal with an active shooter threat.  The skills include: how and where to run, how and with what to fight, and how and where to hide.

This is an interactive program where the participants will actually fight the active shooter.  The aggressor will be wearing a Red Man protective suit which will allow for the most realistic training available.  The program includes a one hour presentation with question and answer period and an hour spent practicing the skills which have been discussed.

FA Icon Non-Aggressive Subject Control Training

This training will teach soft, empty-hand control techniques against both passively and actively resisting subjects. They do not require striking, kicking, taser, or OC spray. The techniques taught reduce the likelihood of injury to both the team member and the subject. While the techniques are effective, they are non-aggressive in appearance and benefit the church regarding public perception on use-of-force. They are easy to learn and perform regardless of physical strength or ability.


FA Icon Hard Empty Hand Control

In this training you will learn Conflict Resolution with a combative subject. You will learn, and use, skills including the Spear technique, empty hand knife defense, gun retention, ground fighting and grounded gun retention. You will get to practice these newly learned techniques live with an instructor wearing our full-body "Red Man" suit which allows you a "real world" experience with full energy and impact against an assailant.


FA Icon Active Shooter: Force-on-Force, Scenario-Based Training

This 8-10 hour, advanced training is designed for all members of your security response team and integrates the various skills learned in the other training environments and applies them to real-life situations that can and do occur. In addition to practicing tactical skills, scenario training gives participants the opportunity to employ critical thinking skills, in a realistic setting, and decide which response on the force continuum is best suited for the situation. Students will engage in force-on-force training with the use of simunitions weapons, air-soft weapons, or IR weapons to maximize stress. This provides some of the most realistic training available. This training is conducted at your facility and includes scenarios relevant to your organization.

FA Icon Warrior Medicine Training

This is a practical first aid class teaching students how to provide first aid while waiting for EMS. An Introduction to treating gunshot wounds and Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) is also presented. Students should expect to perform many skills during the course including assessment, treating penetrating chest injury, splinting a fracture, and using a tourniquet. Students who successfully complete the course and examination will receive an American Safety and Health Institute certification in Basic First Aid and CPR certification. Each student will also receive a personal trauma kit. 


FA Icon Advanced Firearms Training

Employing a firearm on your property requires advanced training and skill. This training equips your team with the same marksmanship and tactical skills taught to law enforcement and military operators.



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