Personal Defense Training

When seconds count, police are minutes away.

Personal defense skills are no longer a hobby or a sport, they are a necessity. There simply are not enough first responders to protect everyone all the time. In a critical incident, you will have to rely on your personal skills to keep you safe, to escape, or to provide care for the wounded until help arrives.

AGAPE Tactical offers some unique training in personal defense and first aid. Our instructors are experts in their disciplines and teach fundamental, yet highly effective, skills that any person can employ. These skills can level the playing field in a conflict, rendering factors such as size, gender, and strength irrelevant. They can also help you save a life, including your own.


Israeli Krav Maga Immersion Seminar

Students receive a full day of Israeli Krav Maga (Gidon System) training to include lessons on the system’s history, theory, philosophy and applied techniques. Course includes a lecture on Defensive Mindset and Self/Family Defense, Introduction to Defensive Combatives, Fear and Critical Stress Management, and Gun, Knife and Baton Defensive Technique Application.

Ages 16 and up are welcome. The class is physical so each participant should consider their personal limitations. Participants who are unable to complete the physical portion of the class can still benefit from the theory and lecture portions. Note taking is recommended.

FA Icon Minimum number of students: 10

FA Icon Cost: $130


Edged Weapons for Personal Defense

In this 8-hour class, students will learn classical principles of edged weapon engagements. Classical principles offer students the ability to efficiently solve problems. Participants will need no prior training as a prerequisite for this class. Regardless of physical size or condition, students will learn techniques that can be applied in real world scenarios.

FA Icon Minimum number of students: 10

FA Icon Cost: $130 (will include a training knife)


Warrior Medicine

This is a practical first aid class teaching students how to provide first aid while waiting for EMS. An Introduction to treating gunshot wounds and Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) is also presented during this five hour course. Students should expect to perform many skills during the course including assessment, treating penetrating chest injury, splinting a fracture, and using a tourniquet. Students who successfully complete the course and examination will receive an American Safety and Health Institute certification in Basic First Aid. Tuition includes a personal trauma kit.

FA Icon Minimum number of students: 5

FA Icon Cost: $150


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