AGAPE to Speak at 2018 FBIAA/NvSCA Annual Conference in Las Vegas

Agape Tactical is thrilled to be a key speaker in this year’s FBIAA/NvSCAA Annual Conference. The purpose of the annual conference is to provide quality training, profession updates, and networking opportunities to law enforcement leaders throughout the western states and specifically the State of Nevada. This year’s conference will focus on the Las Vegas mass shooting and the lessons learned in the aftermath of this and other active killer events.

The times we live in are filled with crime and violence and an ever-increasing number of attacks on non-traditional locations. The vulnerability of our schools, places of worship and entertainment venues presents a very real and problematic challenge in trying to provide safety for the myriad of locations and circumstances we face as first responders. You might be able to secure and harden a school, but will those same methods apply to a house of worship, or an outdoor concert, or a public building?

Ken Alexandrow, and his team from Agape Tactical, will discuss how their team was called upon to provide security and protection for the major-label country artist following the killings in Las Vegas on October 1, 2017. They will also discuss their approach to securing churches and how they enlist local churches to help them help themselves without changing the culture of the church body.

Ken has a motto: “‘Good is the Enemy of Great!’ In a critical incident, good can get you killed. Agape’s cadre of instructors are the best in their fields and have over 250 years of combined operator experience in Federal, State, and Local law enforcement, as well as Navy SEALs, Marine Corps, and SWAT.

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