Women’s Gun Club- HC

Agape Tactical trains women's groups to respond to a wide variety of incidents utilizing the entire force continuum including self-defense, situational awareness, deterrence and prevention, verbal de-escalation and firearms training. Women's groups include church groups,...

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Warrior Woman Intermediate Pistol

Charlie Haffner Memorial Range 2795 Owl Hollow Road, Franklin, United States

This 5-hour training is designed to introduce students to the skills necessary to use their pistol to defend themselves. This class is perfect for those who want to go beyond just shooting a gun, but...

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Security Vulnerability Assessment

Security Vulnerability Assessments: Agape Tactical specializes in performing comprehensive, on-site security vulnerability assessments of property, procedures, and systems for faith-based organizations and businesses. The findings are presented orally with an accompanying executive PowerPoint presentation and...

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Force on Force Scenario Training

AGAPE Tactical conducts the most realistic Scenario-Based Training available. The first half of the day is spent learning how to respond to a variety of threats. You will learn skills such as room clearing, stairwell...

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SPEAR/Disarming Training

Agape Tactical specializes in training teams to respond to a wide variety of incidents utilizing the entire force continuum. To schedule your team's training, or to discuss our training program, please contact Ken Alexandrow at...

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Armed Guard Class

Montgomery Bell Academy 4001 Harding Road, Nashville, TN

Upon completion of this 16-hour course, students will be able to apply for a TN Armed Guard License with the state of Tennessee. Day 1 is classroom, day 2 is range. Written and firing exams...

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